MPR Online Training

MPR is pleased to provide our Members with more ways to learn valuable information about staying safe at work and at home. These web-accessed training portals are additional ways to supplement high-quality, onsite training for our Members.

MPR University LocalGocU

The training modules are directed specifically toward our Members' public-sector employees and the specific and often unique work hazards and liability exposures they encounter every day. Please take the time to read each topic summary carefully before you answer the review questions -- you will get more out of the information and can take away some valuable "how to" items.

If you do not have your unique log-in information (username and password), check with your Human Resources and/or Safety Representative or contact the Risk Management Department at (816) 292-7530.
TNN Training Videos
TNN is a web based training platform that houses hundreds of short 15 to 20 minute safety videos based on various topics for your employees to view. All job disciplines are addressed in the catalog and many of them can be applied to all job duties. Please see the instructions on how to get yourself along with your employees registered and start taking advantage of this valuable resource.

Safety National Driver Training

Driving is an essential activity for many MPR member employees. Considering the risk of serious injury or death and the potential for substantial litigation, each member must routinely require driver training for applicable staff and volunteers and then hold your drivers accountable for their actions.

The driver training resources available to MPR members just expanded with a considerable upgrade. MPR members now have access to several on-line driver training programs offered by a key partner, Safety National. These programs are interactive and include a quiz to demonstrate comprehension.