Why choose MPR?


Your public entity becomes a Member, not just a customer. Because our pool is a public entity itself, your membership provides an avenue to other Missouri and Kansas political subdivisions who share your interests. The program moves in the direction chosen by its Member entities.


Every public entity provides one of their full-time employees to serve as a Member Representative to the pool. Members vote to select the Board who guides MPR. Additional opportunities for participation are provided through the advisory committees.

Financial Stability and Coverage

The plan documents are specifically designed to provide the most comprehensive coverage necessary for public entities. This is coupled with the commitment to change these plans when necessary to meet specific needs. The policy year begins July 1st and budget contributions for all programs are determined by May 1st. Pricing is very competitive when compared to any other coverage available.


Working together is a two-way street and provides the foundation for success. The program assists your entity with wellness and risk management training and expects Member interest and participation in operating your organization in ways that minimize risk for all concerned.

Philosophy and Approach

The focus in our Health Benefit program is on employee wellness. Similarly, in our Property/Liability Programs the focus is loss prevention. Rather than limiting our attention to efficient claim payments, Members are encouraged to direct their primary efforts to preventing or minimizing losses. Our focus for Workers' Compensation is also loss prevention; emphasizing a safe work environment and best practices.


Services are provided by competent, professional personnel who understand the needs of public entities. Our 21 full-time staff members have over 100 years of combined local government experience. MPR retains business partners who are considered “best in class.”