Open Enrollment

Changes to employee coverage can be done only during Open Enrollment for a July 1st effective date, except in the event there is a life status change in marital status, birth, adoption, legal custody of a dependent child, or in some cases, loss of employment/other coverage. These special enrollment opportunities are outlined in the plan documents.

Changes between medical plans can only be made during Open Enrollment.

If your group has a section 125 Premium Only Plan or FSA, then additional limitations on changes and terminations may be applicable. Consult your Human Resources department for details.

Benefits Management, our third party administrator, is responsible for maintenance of all eligibility. Questions regarding the status of eligibility should be addressed to our MPR team at Benefits Management at (877) 627-2481. This includes COBRA and Retirees.

Customized Enrollment Form

The MPR Enrollment/Change Form can be used to enroll all lines of coverage --- Open Access Plus, INO (In-Network Only), Vision and Dental. New employees should complete their entity’s customized Enrollment/Change Form within 31 days after becoming eligible, and provide proof of dependent eligibility for any covered dependents. Your Human Resources department or benefits coordinator will then verify that the correct hire date, effective date and social security numbers are on the form and that plan selections are made.

This same Enrollment/Change Form is used to make changes to existing coverage as well, including terminations. The applicable action to be taken should be indicated and reason/date of event completed.

Enrollment for Open Access Plus or INO (In-Network Only) Plans automatically enrolls the covered person(s) in their prescription drug program and the New Directions Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

If you have a change of address or any other change in eligibility, please notify your Human Resources department or benefits coordinator. They will report the change to Benefits Management for distribution to the various partners.