General Questions

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Q. Who do I contact to request an updated certificate of coverage?

A.To obtain an updated certificate of coverage, you will want to contact your Risk Management Advisor. Once your request has been made, please allow 2-3 days for delivery.

Q. I would like to borrow a DVD from your Loss Control Library - how do I go about doing so?

A.Good news, there is no paperwork required or this request! Once you have viewed your options from the Loss Control Resource Library Index, email Risk Management with your selection and they will be in touch once it is on its way.

Q. What is my loss control balance?

A.To determine what amount remains in your loss control account, you will want to contact the Finance Department. Please allow 2-3 days for a response.

Kansas Specific Questions

Q. What are MPR's limits for liability coverage (KS Specific)?

A. MPR's liability coverage offers a $500,000 limit when the Kansas Tort Cap applies; however, when the Cap does not apply, we offer each member $2,500,000 per claim and $5,000,000 annual aggregate. We don't call it "umbrella", but it serves the same purpose.

Q. Please explain your auto protection-auto liability coverage?

A. Auto Protection - Auto Liability coverage responds exactly as described in General Liability coverage. In a commercial insurance policy, uninsured motorist coverage typically comes into effect when your WC policy cannot subrogate from a third party involved in the auto claim - it's rarely utilized in commercial policies and we feel a $100,000 sublimit is sufficient. MPR's auto coverage will respond to any Member-owned and/or operated vehicle as if it was fully insured by MPR. We also cover vehicles leased, hired, or borrowed for Member business.

Q. What is Auto Physical Damage Coverage and the deductible for it?

A. The deductible for auto physical damage coverage is $500. Please be assured Members will not incur a separate deductible for each vehicle damaged by a single hail event. Additionally, MPR provides each member 3% of annual contribution to be allocated for loss control - the Member can decide to use that allocation to buy-down the deductibles on a per-claim basis. Also, vehicles are covered on a replacement cost basis - not actual cash value - including emergency vehicles.

Q. Does MPR operate in compliance with the Kansas Insurance Department??

A. MPR does operate in compliance with Kansas Insurance Department and must maintain compliance at all times. MPR is self-insured up to $250,000 on Property coverage, after which Commonwealth (A-Rated Insurance Carrier) and One Beacon (A-Rated Insurance Carrier) take the risk up to $85,000,000. It's important to understand the Property coverage is written on a per-occurrence basis. This means that if an event occurs for the full limit of $85M, the limit starts over for the next event. Conceptually there can be 365 events in the year, each with a limit of $85,000,000. For Liability, MPR is self-insured up to $500,000 in coverage, after which Munich Re America (A-Rated Insurance Carrier) takes the risk up to $25,000,000. MPR also has a significant net capital reserve as well as a catastrophe fund to cover two full-limit losses per year. These steps are taken to provide additional security to the Pool and its members.

Q. Claims Made Coverage and MPR?

A. Claims made coverage - MPR provides liability coverage on an occurrence basis. Just like the traditional insurance market, the only lines written on a claims-made basis are Linebacker (Public Official Liability and Employment Practices/Civil Rights Liability claims). This is a global approach to these lines of coverage.

Q. Does MPR provide coverage on bonds?

A. MPR provides coverage for bonds per statute. If the City/County statute requires a specific limit of coverage per position, we will make sure the coverage is in place. In the absence of a statute, MPR's Liability program includes employee crime and fidelity coverage - limits are written as described above in General Liability coverage.

Q. How much coverage does MPR provide for Inland Marine?

A. If equipment is listed on the property schedule, it is covered for the same rate as all other property. If equipment is not listed, there is still coverage in place through a sub-limit in the policy.

Q. Does MPR's liability policies cover injured employees/volunteers?

A. Liability policies are not allowed to cover employees or volunteers because Workers' Compensation policies do that.

Q. Does MPR provide coverage for roads and bridges?

A. No. Roads and bridges are excluded, except for walking bridges.

Q. Does MPR provide coverage for airports?

A. Yes. Airport liability can certainly be covered as can utility generation liability.

Q. Is MPR regulated by the Insurance Commission?

A. MPR is a risk pool and does not fall under the direction of the insurance commission when it comes to claim disputes. However, through the Pool Bylaws there is a governing process in place providing that members may address the Board of Directors and ask for a change of process, policy, or coverage decision. As the Board of Directors consists entirely of Pool members, this approach typically results in positive action for the member as well as the rest of the Pool.

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