Wellness Initiative Services

The Board of Directors voted to suspend Loss Control Credits, Wellness Credits, and Loss Control Recognition Awards for FY 2020-2021.  These changes will be reviewed at the end of the fiscal year to determine their reinstatement.

Please contact your Benefits Advisor if you have any questions regarding Wellness Credits.

Member entities with at least $200,000 in annual contributions are eligible for Wellness Credits. One half (.5) of one percent (1%) of the annual contribution for applicable Members of the Employee Benefit program will be set aside for Wellness Initiative purposes. These funds may be used for activities, materials and services that will enhance the Member’s Wellness Initiative efforts and/or reduce exposures and hazards. The .5% credit balance for the year(s) will be maintained at Midwest Public Risk.

Members will first pay for any activities, materials and services and file an application, “Wellness Initiative Credit Account Reimbursement Application”, for review and approval by Midwest Public Risk. If the application is approved, the Member will receive reimbursement from their individual credit account.

Wellness Initiative Credit Balances

Should a Member elect to withdraw their membership from MPR Employee Benefits Program, any unpaid balance from the Wellness Initiative Credit Account shall be forfeited, as allowed by law, if unused by the last day of the fiscal year in which they remain a member of the Employee Benefits Program.