Cigna Choice Fund - High Deductible with H.S.A.

Cigna manages MPR’s High Deductible health plans with an optional Health Savings Account (H.S.A.). This type of plan allows for a lower premium with preventive care still paid at 100% as well as a savings account which is portable. If you leave your place of employment, the money in your H.S.A. goes with you. There are also no “use it or lose it” provisions. The money in your H.S.A. rolls over each year and continues to build until you decide to spend or transfer the fund.


2018/2019 Choice Fund Plan Benefit resources for municipalities:

2018/2019 Summary of Benefits:

Locate a Provider: register at or call Cigna Member Services at (800)-Cigna24.

Cigna provides benefits and claims processing for MPR Choice Fund Members. Call (800)-Cigna24 for questions regarding your benefits, claims, to order ID cards, or to locate providers. Members can register at to track claims, print a temporary ID card, and obtain access to many valuable resources.

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