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Vision benefits are available as a separate, stand-alone benefit. Not all groups offer this coverage. If you participate in the vision plan, your benefits are provided through a partnership between MPR and VSP. VSP offers over 35,000 providers nationwide and they are private practitioners. All VSP providers have a dispensary on site (a one-stop-shop approach) and may be located in major retail malls, shopping centers, medical buildings, or office complexes in rural and suburban locations.

VSP handles all claims administration and benefit eligibility confirmation. Your social security number is your Member ID and your dependents ID. Participants do not receive an ID card. A paper wallet card is available from your Human Resources representative, or you can print your own personalized card by registering at

It’s easy to use this benefit. First, consult to find a provider or call (800) 877-7195. When you contact a VSP provider for an appointment, they will confirm your enrollment eligibility with VSP, and will file claims on your behalf. You pay convenient copays for exams, frames and lenses, including contacts, and are also eligible for discounts on services for any extra expenses that exceed the allowable amounts. Please reference the VSP Member Benefit Summary below for complete coverage details.

You can also use a non-VSP provider if that is your preference; however, you will have to pay the full amount at the time of service and file a claim for reimbursements from VSP. The reimbursement amounts for various services are listed on the VSP Member Benefit Summary. A link to the claim form is listed below.

In addition to the basic vision services, VSP also has additional services such as: