MPR offers both property & liability coverage to public entities in Missouri and Kansas. When it comes to liability coverage, MPR ensures our Members are well educated and prepared in risk management.

Member contributions include a 3% loss control credit which is “owned” by the Member and can be used for safety and risk exposure reduction.

MPR’s Liability Coverage program includes:
  • General Liability
  • Law Enforcement Liability
  • Sewer Liability
  • Auto Liability
  • Public Official Liability/Employment Practices Liability
  • Crime
Click here for a description of the Limits of Liability.

After the Member entity has satisfied the deductible, MPR shall be responsible for paying all remaining costs, including damages and indemnification to the Limits of Liability stated above. Limits of coverage include the Member’s deductible. Limits of Liability do not include allocated loss adjustment expenses. Regardless of the number of subjects of coverage or the time period covered by any claim or claims, or the number of claimants, or the number of premium payments made, the Limits of Liability shall not be increased nor shall the Limits of Liability be cumulative from year to year.

Risk Management is more than happy to assist with any questions you have regarding liability coverage.

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